GNC-Alfa is a licensed network services operator in Armenia. Our network is based on Fiber-Optic Cable (FOC) infrastructure and designed to satisfy growing needs of fixed and mobile operators, Internet Service Providers and large enterprises in transport network services and high speed Internet.

The Southern Segment of our network between Yerevan and Armenia-Iran border has been put into operation in September 2009. In the South, the Network is interconnected with the FOC in Iran having access to the worldwide telecommunications networks. The two Northern Segments of the Network between Yerevan and Armenia-Georgia border are operational since March 2010 and interconnected with three FOC systems in Georgia through two independent routes. Construction of the Network extensions to the main towns of Armenia is in progress.

Our clients are the mobile operators and major ISPs of Armenia and some international carriers.

The goal of our company is to become a major Fiber Optic Backbone operator in Armenia. Our personnel is comprised of qualified telecom experts with sophisticated know-how in FO network operations and services provision.

General Director: Hayk Faramazyan
Tel.: +37410 594 153