ISOC Armenia



Internet Society, ISOC.AM, is a nonfor-profit NGO of Internet users of Armenia. It is the Local Internet Community. ISOC.AM members represent National Academy of Science, international foundations, major ISPs, university and library networks, academic, research and school networks, regional Internet users groups, individual Internet users as well as the government representative.

Total number of members is 70. The Society is governed by the Council re-elected each year. The main goal of the Society is to assist to the development of Internet in Armenia. The Society is to serve the Armenian Internet community and provide leadership in addressing key issues about the roles and uses of Internet.

Vision and Objectives

“To lead and support the Armenian community in making best use of the Internet contributing to Armenia’s socio-economic development and growth.”


The Internet Society of Armenia is dedicated to identifying and surfacing the potential effective and efficient applications of the Internet throughout the Armenian community. It is to provide support and information on all Internet related-issues in Armenia to enable individuals, businesses, professionals, and organizations achieve their goals more effectively.