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The company KARL STORZ

Since the KARL STORZ company was founded in 1945, more than half a century has passed – a period of time during which the enterprise has written a significant chapter of medical and technological history. Karl Storz had a vision which was transformed into reality and has been extended through to this very day thanks to pioneering discoveries and inventions. The range of endoscopic equipment for human and veterinary medicine and for industrial applications now encompasses over 19,000 products. New developments such as the OR1™ fully networked operating room or the KARL STORZ AIDA centralized image and data management system supplement the range and demonstrate that at KARL STORZ, the future has already become the present.

KARL STORZ will maintain and extend even further its leading position in technological development. However, genuine progress is rarely spectacular – it is the result of countless individual steps that are subjected to repeated scrutiny. The product range from KARL STORZ includes rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments for the entire field of human medicine. Innovative products such as a fully digital video chain and KARL STORZ AIDA®, the central image and data archiving system, make for documentation that is convenient, comprehensive and high in quality.

With the KARL STORZ OR1™ a visionary OR concept for minimally invasive surgery of the future has taken shape: it is a fully integrated OR, centrally monitored and controlled, in which surgical processes and routine work are simultaneously streamlined and simplified.


AV System NEO


Flexible communication technology inside and outside the OR.

Communication is vital but should be unlimited and come directly from the sterile area. New technologies emerge every day increasing the possibilities of data transmission to and from nearly every point of the world. The modern human being seems to be available at any place and any time. In order to use the benefits of this technical evolution, KARL STORZ continuously works to develop state-of-the-art communication technology for the OR and beyond.

But why have so much technology in the OR? The answer is quite simple. New communication technologies can easily bring in the knowledge of external experts, pave the way for interdisciplinary consultation or feed technical and surgical information to medical students and therefore have a major impact on enhancing patient care. With our new AV system NEO that offers intelligent routing and imaging solutions, interaction is possible from any location within seconds, e.g. from OR to OR, to the senior consultant’s office, the lecture hall or to any other external location. Video conferences, live transmissions of surgical procedures, videostreaming, audio communication via telephone or pager are all feasible.


The future has tradition, but tradition too has a future!