• Information and Communication Technologies in medicine and healthcare: history, current state and perspectives of development
  • Modern telehealth: techniques, approaches, equipment, applications and services;
  • Clinical telemedicine services and their applicability in various medical specialties;
  • Development, operation and maintenance of contemporary telemedicine networks;
  • eHealth: global experience and perspectives or development;
  • Implementation of eHealth in developing countries, local perspectives;
  • Electronic Health Records and Health Information Networks;
  • Remote patient monitoring (Home Telehealth) and allied techniques;
  • Mobile / wireless applications in medicine and healthcare (Mobile Telehealth, mHealth);
  • Distance learning in medicine and public health;
  • Development of commercial telehealth programs;
  • Research and development in telemedicine, eHealth and Health ICT;
  • Educational programs in telemedicine, eHealth and Health ICT;
  • Ethical, liability and reimbursement issues in telemedicine and eHealth;
  • Issues of standardization, interoperability and compatibility in telemedicine and eHealth;
  • Biological and Medical Informatics and Telematics;
  • Database and network management, modern virtualization techniques (cloud computing): implications in telemedicine and eHealth;
  • Broadband and wireless (mobile) Internet: current state of development, implications in medicine, biomedical education and research, and public health.