Orange Armenia

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Orange ArmeniaOrange Armenia, 100% subsidiary of France Telecom, launched its mobile voice and internet services on November 5, 2009 on the whole territory of the Republic of Armenia.
During 2009, 140 million Euros have been invested in Armenia and some 50 million dollars during 2010, and now the company provides a full range of voice and data services in 600 cities and villages of Armenia. Orange has the widest network in Armenia which covers 95% of the population.
Orange is an innovative and friendly brand in Armenia and within a short period of operation has lead a range of innovations in the country, such as HD voice, which made Armenia the second country in the world having this technology, internet at up to 14.4Mbps download speed etc, which aim at making global innovations accessible to the largest part of the Armenian population. Orange was the first operator in Armenia having organized public demo of 4G technologies, making possible for everyone to see and touch the LTE. In Armenia, Orange has also stimulated the market of smartphones, being the first to officially introduce iPhone, Android-based HTC, and by making them accessible to a large part of consumers through special offers. Orange also presents the BlackBerry Solution in Armenia and today has the largest portfolio of smartphones.

Orange is the first and still the only operator in Armenia having implemented a mobile station operating exclusively with solar energy, which is ecologically clean. The Orange solar base station development program is the most iconic part of a wider green strategy committed to achieving reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption by the Group.